Most of our enquires are about lighting. People looking for new and creative ways of illumination their space or room. Lighting that creates a dozen different moods from one dimmer switch.

Standing lights, hanging lights and wall mounted lights take on a whole new character with the addition of Glass Act. Ask any architect or space planner and they’ll tell you, the one thing that has the most impact on a space, is lighting.

Surrounding walls become virtal canvas, for a splashes of color that create more than just ambiance, they create talking pieces. Change the direction of the light and the space changes with you.

Technology gives us the control to decide on setting that suit our moods.
Change the emotional landscape of a space with light and color… Imagine that!

To get a feel for what can be achieved, give Ross a call or drop him an email with your vision. There’s no charge for talking and it’s always the best way to get acquainted with each other and what can be achieved.