99% of the colors we use comes from Germany, Bulgaria or New Zealand. The transparent colors are nearly all black until blown out. They come from the manufacturer shaped like a huge cigar. The opaque colors are most often the same color you’ll end up with.

Standard Colors Sets

Jeweltone (Ruby, Purple, Aqua, and Burgundy)
Earthtone (Salmon, Topaz, and Copper Ruby)
Aqua + Purple
Cobalt + Primary Yellow
Emerald + Aqua
Emerald + Purple
Ruby + Purple
Teal + Aqua
Teal + Purple
Yellow + Cobalt
Yellow + Emerald

Any single color with any lip color (Hundreds to choose from)

Virtually any color combination is possible, let your imagination get creative!
Frit (opaque rings of color in center) are variable and customized at no extra charge.

We can’t PERFECTLY match colors, (we’re not dupont!) but we’ll certainly try. Ross has produced many varied pieces to date and never had a complaint about color… yet. Generally the color will be close and samples can be supplied for larger or corporate projects.