Wall pieces, platters, lighting, or sculptural… Glass has the ability to affect a space more than just by its size or color. Creative use of lighting can offer limitless possibilities when choosing your mood. The visual impact of a five piece wall platter is stunning simply because of its form and scale. Add a splash of lighting to the same piece or sections of it and you have a unique work of art that ‘works’ hard for you and your setting.

To get a feel for what can be achieved, give Ross a call or drop him an email with your vision. There’s no charge for talking and it’s always the best way to get acquainted with each other and what can be achieved.

Example Brief:

Client: Gordon Fraser
Location: Edinburgh, UK
Project: 25 wedding anniversary present

Contact: Gordon called after seeing the website and asked if Ross could get involved in producing a piece of art for Gordons wife of 25 years. Susan.

Consult: Helen is a lover of both art and nature and so Gordon felt that a unique piece of art that could maybe mirror some of Susans favourite flower colors, whilst being vibrant enough to stand on its own, as art. The perfect brief! Ross set about describing the process and how the colors are achieved. Dates were set to meet and see some recent pieces work. Once Gordon was satisfied that the scale and impact would be right for the space,  a final design was settled on and final color pallet was agreed.

Create: With a deadline of less than 7 weeks, it was going to be tight to get the right results. After all, it’s not a science it’s an art! But with a clear brief and long distance communication taken care of by the internet, Ross was able to make light work of things. Once the first piece had been created, Ross took multiple photographic images for reference and presented them via email. The detail and conversations regarding mounting options,  happened via skype. With the colors approved and the details worked out Ross set about making the additional 4 pieces for the wall sculpture. Gordon had sent over scale photos of the space where the art was to be displayed and Ross worked out the rest. A visual of the pieces on the wall that they are intended for, goes a long way to reassuring the most nervous of clients, that they’d made the right decision.

Delivery: With all five pieces completed and ready with their mounting brackets in place, Ross packs and secures the precious pieces for transportation. In 9 years of producing theses spectacular pieces, he hasn’t lost or broken one yet. Shipping to the UK via our preferred supplied of FedEx. Fully insured and covered for any eventuality.

With the pieces mounted just in time for their anniversary, Gordon was kind enough to sent us back this image with the art in-situ.