Glass Act

DSCN0529Welcome to Glass Act™. Dr Ross Neder’s glass studio is all about artful elegant glass blowing. Not simple glass, but large scale vibrant, “look at me” glass. Glass sculpture that is hand blown solely and purposely to fill large spaces with rich and full color.

This site has been neglected for years, we have reopened the hot shop on 12-01-2017 and plan to update this site soon. The data here is accurate, just not visually appealing.

Types of Blown Glass

Ross creates high-quality wall mounted glass platters (both single pieces and sets), hand-blown centrepieces, stunning suspended lighting and elegant halogen touchier. With his extensive knowledge of glass blowing colors and design, he creates custom installations to match the ambience and space requirements that you specify. Glass Act™ is always interested in large-scale sculptural and corporate commissions. Recently Ross has also established a complete metal fabrication shop that opens new artistic vistas.

Commitment to Quality

The blown glass Ross creates is collector quality and he can create it to your own shape, color and design specifications. He has a long history of glass blowing and creating large high-quality glass pieces. Ross is also featured in numerous art galleries, collections, museums, and commercial installations across the country. Glass Act™ has been reviewed by some of the US’s most prestigious art and glass magazines.

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