Artist Bio


J. Ross Neder, PhD

Dr Neder hails from a rather divergent home; his father was an engineer eventually retiring as a VP in Bechtel, and his mother garnered multitudes of international acclaims for her artistic expertise in Sogetsu Ikebana, textiles and watercolor.

Growing up he followed his father’s bent initially becoming licensed to operate Naval Nuclear reactors, and eventually earning a PhD in Clinical Psychology. Psychology slowly lost favour and after practising for about 10 years he totally changed his life direction from a science-based perspective to an artistically based lifestyle and built his own glass blowing “hot shop”.

Given his fairly unique foundation in engineering, academics, and esthetics he designed and fabricated an artistic environment that allowed him to blow glass without the assistance of a large team of support artists. Virtually no other glass artist works alone in the dimensionally large scale that Dr Neder operates within.

In the past 30 years, his art has become widely recognized by galleries, merchants, and collectors all over the world for its scale, vibrancy, and fluidity. It represents the creative energy that could not find full expression in other careers that left him longing. He believes that glass is simply a medium to produce a “look at me” response that he tries to infuse into every piece he creates. “I believe that true art will always stand out from the mass of uninspired effort, no matter if it is Psychology, glass, wood, music or one’s relationship with God, you may not visually comprehend why the work is “compelling” but it nonetheless grabs your attention.”