Corporate and private commissions are welcome although there is a slightly different approach to corporate needs. Time ‘is’ money and all that.

Most, if not all commissions start with an email or telephone call. A conversation outlining your requirements and a chance just to have a general chat about what can be achieved, with just a little vision.

ALL the glass is the work of the artist and so a typical lead time for any given project is around 6 – 10 weeks. Take a look at the process to get a better idea of your typical involvement…


A typical project journey….

Initial Contact Discussion
This is the time where we get a chance to hear about your project. A chance to talk about your expectations (and ours)

Consultation and Costings
Your opportunity to talk directly with Ross. Discussions regarding color, size, shape and possible applications or uses. Time is taken at this point to clearly outline the process and any considerations or challenges.

Delivery time estimates
Depending on where you are in the world, delivery times will vary. A full expectation will be outlined at this time to make sure we are all working to the same schedule. Delivery cost will be reflective of your location in relation to the workshop.

At the time of commission, you will be fully informed of the process ahead, with a clear expectation of what will be delivered. This is also the time that we reach a contractual agreement of the works about to be undertaken.

Ross will set about creating your unique piece of art. Any sample colors will be agreed in advance and so your art will be created and ready for you to view or take delivery of.

Once your piece (or pieces) are ready, they’ll be carefully packed and dispatched to your home or business address.

Our delivery partners are well briefed on the contents of our packages and so extra care is taken to make sure your art arrives in one piece. Start to finish the whole process take approximately 6 – 10 weeks.

To get a feel for what can be achieved, give Ross a call or drop him an email with your vision. There’s no charge for talking and it’s always the best way to get acquainted with each other and what can be achieved.


Terms and Conditions

Checks, Visa™, and MasterCard™ are the only acceptable payment options.

How to Purchase

For general information please call Ross Neder at (928) 814-8414. Since all orders are custom made you can expect several to many weeks of process time. Please limit your call to normal business hours Arizona Time, Monday through Friday only. If a person does not answer, feel free to leave a message, one of us will return your call ASAP.

Initial contact can also be completed electronically by sending an e-mail to Ross . E-mail orders will be finalized via a phone call or a written letter.

Shipping Process

All glass is insured and packed in huge cardboard boxes. Shipping cost is determined via the FedEx Freight website and calculated according to your location. There will be an additional cost assessed for international, Alaska, or Hawaii addresses. There is also an additional cost if the shipper determines that the delivery address was residential versus true business address. Initially, we will verbally detail the colors, shape, quantity and size of the order and provide an expected shipping date. There will never be an automated response due to the nature of these custom-made pieces as well as the limited quantity of production. Digital pictures will be e-mailed prior to shipment for final approval. This is a very important step for you to check color, shape and overall appearance.

Cancellation and Returns

There will be no fees or penalties levied for an order cancellation up until the point it’s shipped. A return policy is available for reasonable differences for 5 days; thereafter returns will be accepted only for defective merchandise. You must keep the shipping box/es until you make your final decision regarding acceptance. You will be responsible for the cost of return shipping and insurance if you are unhappy with the piece/s. Once the piece is returned in good shape a full refund will be credited back to your original credit card account or a check issued and return mailed. Clearly, it is very important to KEEP THE BOXES until you are sure that return shipping isn’t necessary. If the piece is damaged in return shipment, the claims department will determine the responsibility for the damage. If they deem themselves responsible for the damage, a full refund will be applied to your account. If they deem the return shipper (you) as faulty, you will be responsible for the damages. This policy is instituted since the merchandise is always carefully packed and is nearly impervious to damage from light trucking. We have filed virtually no claims for broken glass in the last five years.